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Great Results with the Roof Cleaning kit

4.95 out of 5 stars
Roof looks new after using Roof Cleaning Kit
Last June I purchased your roof shingle cleaning kit (QSE, Roof Armor and Applicator) and am very pleased with the results as the algae has not returned and my roof looks like new.

I have a couple questions about ongoing stain prevention and roof maintenance using Roof Armor to prevent the stains from returning.

Q: What is the shelf life of the Contractor Roof Armor?

Is the "Contractor bulk gallon" of Roof Armor the same as the smaller size?
I am not in the roof cleaning business, but due to the price, figured it would be an excellent value.

What is the "Shelf Life" of the Roof Armor? It would most likely last many, many years before I would use it all and I would be concerned about it going bad.

A: Contractor Roof Armor is just larger, and lasts 24-36 months.

Yes, Contractor Roof Armor - Mold Stain Prevention is the SAME as Roof Armor, just larger size.

Shelf life wise, once opened it will last 24-36 months if kept tightly capped in a cool dark shelf

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Roof Mold Stain Prevention Roof Armor Mold Prevention

Annual Roof Mold Prevention
Black Algae Streak Prevention
Apply with Hose End Sprayer
No Rinse required

Cleaner Today: $49.79
Summer Sale : $29.75
roof cleaner and roof cleaning equipment Roof Cleaner Forever - QSE Pro Roof Cleaning Business Bundle.

Roof Cleaner Roof Cleaning Kit:
Roof Cleaner QSE
Roof Shingle Stain Shield
Roof Cleaning Equipment Sprayer
2 Average Size Homes (6000 roof ft)

Cleaner Today: $344.24
Summer Sale : $184.75
Free Delivery Included