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  MoldSTAT Plus - HVAC Mold Killer
Effective Mold Killer & Odor Control
Air Duct Mold Odor Control

32oz concentrate makes 16 Gallons

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Moldstat Plus - HVAC Mold Killer

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation Mold Killer

When you find mold in air conditioner ducts, remove it using Fungicidal MoldSTAT Plus. Ideal as Air Conditioning / commercial air handler Cleaner & Mold Remover in Home, School, Institutional, Industrial, and Nursing Homes. Common uses of MoldSTAT Plus as an HVAC mold killer are air conditioning mold removal and air vent mold odor control accomplished by removing mold spores from air vent registers , heating ducts, and air return vents. While heating systems are included, heating systems have far less humidity and are not as often affected by mold growth.

  • 32 oz of MoldSTAT Plus for HVAC Mold Killer / Mold Cleaner yields 16 gallons
  • No Bleach HVAC Mold Killer
  • Controls and inhibits odors associated with Mold in Air Conditioners and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Use MoldSTAT Plus as a component of a comprehensive HVAC maintenance program
  • Used by professionals for Mold Remediation and Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning heat and air conditioning systems with MoldSTAT Plus - will NOT damage HVAC components including vent shafts, air registers, air returns, ducts and most other surfaces through the mold removal process.

Mold Cleaner and Odor Remover

Moldstat Plus is a HVAC Mold killing product ideal to effectively kill mold and offensive odors caused by mold and mildew.
MoldSTAT Plus is safe in HVAC ( Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.
MoldStat Plus works great with Air Conditioning Systems
When consumers ask "how to kill mold in ducting?" -- We say choose MoldSTAT Plus for air duct mold removal!
Protect hospital, home, school, institutions and industry HVAC system and air duct vents from mold and mildew growth
Product Details

Residential - Commercial - Industrial HVAC Mold Killer

Can be used ducting and HVAC components including:
  • Unlined sheet metal, air supply and return ducts
  • plenums fabricated with plywood, OSB, or other wood like materials
  • flexible, air ducts fabricated of metal or plastic
  • air distributions components such as air handlers, mixing boxes, transfer boxes, turning vanes, dampers, fans, fan housings
  • window unit air conditioners and associated components.
Use whenever you find mold near an heat duct, air duct or air return register.

Tips for Cleaning Air Duct Mold

Tips are applicable for: air conditioning mold removal, air vent mold, air duct mold removal

  1. Clean the cooling coil with Moldstat Plus
  2. Clean the drain pan with Moldstat Plus Mold Killer.
  3. Replace the air filter, preferably with a HEPA filter
  4. if Mold contamination is also in air conditioning ducts:
    Clean the air vents and ducting with Moldstat Plus
    • Remove covers to all Air Ducts / Vents and apply
    • Remove covers to all Air Returns and apply

Applicators for Mold Stat Plus for HVAC Air Duct Mold Removal

MoldSTAT Plus is a concentrate that is mixed with water then sprayed into the air ducts, or into the air-conditioner coil unit.
  • Mold Fogger / Airless Sprayer:
    The easy, electric way to apply MoldSTAT Plus is airless sprayer / cold fogger compatible. Using a mold fogger is the best approach to applying MoldStat Plus because of the ability to penetrate into the tight confines of ducting. Any airless sprayer will work, including paint sprayers.
    We recommend the Fogmaster Jr - mold removal fogger. The fogmaster fogger is able to disperse the mold remover into an atomized fog.
  • Pump Sprayer:
    A pressurized or pump sprayer is useful spray cleaner for hvac ducts, typically apply a more coarse spray to the air conditioner coils. For low volumes we recommend a hand held sprayer like a Indoor Hand Sprayer or for larger applications a 2 Gallon Pump Up Sprayer

HVAC Mold Removal Customer Reviews

What do customers say about MoldSTAT Plus as a HVAC Cleaner?
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Ductwork Mold Remover - It worked!

HVAC Mold Removal using MoldSTAT Plus Product Review
4.8 out of 5 stars
After opening my winter home, I noticed mold around my air vents. I contacted a local company to clean my ducts, but they wanted several thousand dollars. I knew there had to be a Do It Myself Duct Mold Remover.
After spraying the HVAC mold remover into all of my heat registers, and air returns the mold smell is gone!
R Goldman from West Palm, Florida

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