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Roof Cleaning Questions, Quick Answers!

The roof cleaning questions included on this page are some of the most common questions we have received over the years.

For each question we give a Quick Answer, below each answer follow the Jump links to get more detailed answers.

At Cleaner TODAY, we pride ourselves on informed customers!

Do I really need to clean my roof?

Why clean the roof? The roof stains and black streaks aren't hurting anything!

Wrong!! A stained roof costs real money!
Roof Stains cost you real money through:
  • Shortened roof life - Cost $4,000.00
  • Increased energy costs - Hundreds each year
  • Reduced property values - Cost $10,000.00
Those black streaks and roof stains are eating into more than your roof! 

Insurance and Home Owner Associations may also require you to clean your roof.
Increasingly, Insurance companies are requiring roof cleaning to prevent mold infestations, and for several years now HOA have been requiring ugly roofs to be cleaned or replaced.

When it comes to Safety and Health, the stains are a form of mold, and mold that works its way into the home is bad news!
"Sick House syndrome" is real, and can cause you and your family to suffer the ill effects of mold and bacteria.

Do you need to clean your roof? YES.

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Roof Stains cost Real MONEY $$$
Health Concerns and Roof Stains
Insurance Company Roof Cleaning Requirements
Home Owner Reasons for Clean Roofs

How to Use a Roof Cleaner

How is Roof Cleaner QSE applied?

Pump Sprayer No special Roof Cleaner Equipment is required. 

You'll just need a pump-up sprayer (commonly called an insecticide sprayer)

Choose a day when the temperature is not freezing (roof shingles need be above freezing (at least 35 degrees) for at least four hours before using roof cleaning chemicals for best results.
For more information: Roof Cleaning and Cold Weather )

Add the contents of a pre-measured EZ-Pouch to water, mix and spray!
Soak a section of roof shingles to the point of saturation
Wait 25 minutes before rinsing
(you can be spraying / rising other sections during this time)
Rinse Away Stains within a few inches with a tight jet spray from a garden hose, or for faster results use a Pressure Washer with a fan tip.

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Details on Applying Roof Cleaners
Good.. Better.. BEST Application TIPS
Full details on Rinsing Roof Cleaners

Can I use my Hose End sprayer?

ApplicatorTypically, NO.
Let us explain:
Some customers already have a sprayer that attaches to the end of the hose.
Most hose-end sprayers or "miracle grow" sprayers have the correct WRONG dilution ratio.

A typical hose end sprayer is 1:128 or 1oz of cleaner for every gallon of water.
In other words most Hose End sprayers will add TOO MUCH water, that wastes cleaner and makes it ineffective.

How do I know if it is compatible?
Roof OX and Roof QSE require a 1:10 ratio (12 oz cleaner for every gallon).
Roof Armor (Stain Prevention) requires 1:40 ratio (3oz cleaner for every gallon water).

If your hose end sprayer is not compatible,
Use a pump-up insecticide sprayer
Choose a Cleaner Today Hose End sprayer. (see below)

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Roof Cleaners Applicators
Pro Applicator (Compatible with Roof QSE, Roof OX & Roof Armor
Roof Armor Compatible ONLY

Help me choose between your Roof Cleaners

All about CHOICE. 

Help me compare Roof QSE and Roof OX.

What is the same with both Roof QSE and Roof OX (used as directed):

  • Safe for roofs, gutters and downspouts
  • Cleans Roof Stains from Algae, leave tannins, mold, mildew
  • Convenient EZ Pouch package (no-measure, concentrated powder)
  • Works in Hard and Soft water
  • NO FILLERS, 100% active cleaners
  • Bio-degradable
  • Cleans without Scrubing
  • Restores roofs appearance
  • NO Chlorine BLEACH, No Acids, No Solvents
  • Will not harm pets, plants, trees, shrubs, garden
What is the Different between Roof QSE and Roof OX:

Roof OX is:
  • The Safest Cleaner for the Environment

  • Better suited for a homeowner who may be uncomfortable handling a professional strength cleaner.

  • Water activated releases oxygen which makes the stain invisible, then continues cleaning to remove the stain.

  • Chemically based composed of Sodium Percarbonate and Phosphate free TSP
    Think OXYCLEAN on steriods, over 85% sodium percarbonate but with our signature detergents and surfactants added.
    An enviromentally friendly version of the Bleach and TSP approach

  • Environmentally safe, Non-toxic, Contains no Hydroxides, Chlorine Bleach or Acids

  • Breaks down into Water, Oxygen and harmless Washing Soda

  • Can be used on painted surfaces.

  • Works 88% of the time on the first pass, sometimes a second pass is needed

  • Draws power from Oxygen, staying active 4 hours once mixed.
    This is fine for a home owner, but contractor prefer QSE because it can be premixed

  • Roof OX Costs a little more, because 1 EZ pouch makes 2 gallons of Cleaner.
    For a homeowner, its like buying a hybrid car, you expect to pay a little more.
    For a Contractor, margins are important, so QSE is the best price choice.

Roof QSE is:
  • Industrial strength formula designed for professionals

  • Works 98% of the time on the first pass

  • Remains Effective in solution for 5 days once mixed, allowing contractors to mix a tank on monday and use it all week

  • Highly concentrated requiring professional safety precautions

  • Fastest cleaner because it can be mixed in advance and pumped from a large tank.

  • most economical cleaner
    1 EZ pouch makes 4 gallons of Cleaner Solution

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Buy Roof OX
Buy Roof QSE

Can I use Roof Armor to clean a roof?

Roof Armor Protectant is meant to be applied to Clean Roofs, or new roofs.
As a protectant, Roof Armor is not meant to clean badly stained roofs.
Once you invest the time in cleaning your roof with Roof QSE or Roof OX, use Roof Armor to prevent the stains from returning!

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How Safe are Roof Cleaners?

Are your products safe for my Plants, Pets?

All of our Roof Cleaners are designed to be safe for your roof, plants and pets when used according to the directions.
Of course roof cleaners are meant to clean algae, mold and roof streaks ON THE ROOF, but when the cleaners are rinsed down, they are at such small dilutions (under 10 parts per million) that they should not affect vegetation, downspouts or gutters.
Roof QSE is designed to be a safe, rapid cleaner made for contractors.
For homeowners who prefer a gentler clean, Roof OX cleaners are the safest and most eco-friendly product we offer.

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How are Roof Cleaning Products Packaged?

What is the EZ-pouch?

Cleaner Today EZ pouch packaging makes using a Roof Cleaner easier.
Each EZ pouch is premeasured pound of roof cleaner and is ready to add to water
No Dish soap required, no liquids to spill.
By packaging in a concentrated powder you save on shipping!

EZ Pouches offer the convenience to use AS NEEDED
Many customers take advantage of our volume discounts knowing that an EZ pouch lasts up to 2 years!

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Learn why focus groups created EZ-Pouch

Don't forget Step Two!
Clean Roof Forever
Prevent stains with Roof Armor

Roof Shingle Stain Prevention

Once my Roof is clean, how do I prevent roof stains?

Roof Armor Protectant prevents roof Streaks, algae stains and roof stains from returning. 
Roof Armor can be applied to a clean roof, or a recently cleaned roof.
No rinsing required with Roof Armor. 

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Roof Cleaning can be a weekend business.
Low start up costs
High profits!
Learn More

How much do I need? What is your coverage?

What does Full Coverage mean?

Full Coverage is our term for honest pricing and estimating
Many competitors quote a Range of Square Feet their product will cover. For example "1000 - 1500 sq ft"
What exactly does that mean? It is a variance of 50%.
Assume that 100% strength is the low number, in our example 1500sq ft would be half strength.

Our Approach
The number on the product represents FULL STRENGTH COVERAGE, 100% strength, no ranges, no guessing.
That means our Roof QSE 3000 covers 3000 sq ft, Roof OX 4500 covers 4500 sq ft. (and so on. The numbers on our cleaners are square feet of coverage).
Sure, you could stretch the QSE 3000 to cover more square footage, but then you reduce its strength.

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Details on Full Coverage

How Much Roof Cleaner do I need?

Our estimates are simple.
1 gallon of cleaner should cover 187.5 sq feet of roof. Roughly 12ft x 16ft.

Yes, we know other companies claim 1 gallon can cover 500 sq ft, we just don't believe it.
Call us conservative, but we actually got on the roof a sprayed 1 gallon of water, and 187.5 sq ft was how far a gallon went.

So let's say you have 1500 sq feet of roof, (see the link below if you aren't sure),
then to clean your roof would require 1500sq feet / 187.5 feet per gallon = 8 gallons of cleaner.

We've saved you the guess work, our Roof Cleaner QSE and OX come in sizes that indicate the square footage they cover 1500, 3000 or 4500. Roof QSE 1500 covers 1500 sq ft, Roof OX 4500 covers 4500 sq ft.

If your roof is 2250, then choose the next higher number for example 1500 is too small, so choose Roof QSE 3000.
Each Product comes in EZ pouches, so if you don't need all the product, you can save the unused pouches for the future, or share them with a neighbor.

For QSE an EZ pouch makes 4 gallons, (750 square feet), For OX an EZ pouch makes 2 gallons (325 square feet).

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EZ-Pouches Explained
Help calculating my Roof Size

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Roof Mold Stain Prevention Roof Armor Mold Prevention

Annual Roof Mold Prevention
Black Algae Streak Prevention
Apply with Hose End Sprayer
No Rinse required

Cleaner Today: $49.79
Seasonal Sale : $29.75
Roof Mold Cleaner OX Shingle Roof Mold Cleaner OX 1500

Eco Safe Asphalt Shingle Cleaner
Spray on Shingle Roof Mold Cleaner
Then rinse off roof fungus and roof algae.
Small Home / Garage size (1500 roof ft)

Cleaner Today: $43.95
Seasonal Sale : $32.75
Roof Mold Stain Prevention Roof Armor 6000 - Mold Prevention

6000 SF Roof Mold Prevention
Black Algae Streak Prevention
Apply with Hose End Sprayer
No Rinse required

Cleaner Today: $75.75
Seasonal Sale : $47.25