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Review : Kitchen Moth Traps

Kitchen Flour Moths Captured

Kitchen Flour Moth traps Product Review
4.65 out of 5 stars

We are so happy with the performance of the kitchen moth traps.
I keep one in that cupboard, one in a lidded plastic box where I keep my dry pasta, and in the summer, I also keep one on a kitchen counter.

I've included pictures of kitchen moth traps from Cleaner Today showing the moths that were captured in my kitchen pantry. The trap was placed behind boxes of breakfast cereal and had been in place about two months.

See for yourself how many moths one trap caught for me (don't mistake my granite countertop for moths!):
Kitchen Moths captured in La Mesa

This is my pasta/cracker box and the kitchen moth trap I keep in there.
(moths come into your home via the pasta you purchase at the store.)

Kitchen Moth Trap in a cracker box from La Mesa

Thank you for providing such a useful and effective product.

P Rodgers from California

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