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Roof Cleaning Dictionary

Every field has it's own vocabulary, terms and abbreviations with unique industry meanings, so to make it easier we've put together a dictionary that you can use as a decoder. If you are new to Roof Cleaning this is a great glossary of terms to know roof cleaning terms you might be asked about.

We have divided the Dictionary into 2 sections:

  • Simple Roof Cleaning Definitions
    Most any term will be listed in this section, with a quick definition and sometimes a link to another article or product applies.
    But sometimes a quick definition is just not enough, that's why we have roof cleaner tags.

  • Roof Cleaner Tags
    Roof Cleaner Tags provide more detailed information about roof cleaning terms, including questions others have asked about each roof cleaning tag, and other terms or synonyms that customers have used to find this tag. A list of roof cleaning tags appears below the simple definitions.

Roof Cleaning Terminology Definitions

Clean Shingles
Intended goal results after roof cleaning using a quality roof cleaner product designed to remove mold, algae or mildew stains from shingle roofs.

Terms related to clean shingles can be found in the Clean Shingles section.

Roof Cleaner
Cleaning Products designed to clean mold, algae or mildew stains from roofs.

There are many types of roof cleaners including Oxygen Powered Roof Cleaners, Contractor Roof Cleaners and Roof Mold Stain preventive treatments. Roof Cleaners are typically be applied to asphalt shingle roofs, but will also work on Cedar Shakes, Cement Tile and Barrel Tiles roofs although the rinse pressure is typically required to be much higher

Sodium Hypochlorite
A Fancy word for Chlorine Bleach. Some Roof Cleaning Companies may choose to hide the fact that they are cleaning roof shingles with bleach. Masking the use of bleach has become more common recently including abbreviations of Sodium Hypochlorite as SH, additionally look for Calcium hypochlorite which is swimming pool chlorine.

Discover roof cleaner tags

Tags help describe roof cleaner using our customer's terms. These roof cleaner tags provide an easy way to "remember" and classify roof cleaner related information.
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