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Mold Killer

The first Mold Removal Step is to Kill Mold with MoldSTAT Mold Killer Products.

The first step of Mold remediation is to Kill or inactivate mold spores, to prevent their spreading.
Once the surface mold has been killed, the cosmetic stain discoloration can be addressed.

Choose a ready to use or concentrated, no bleach, EPA registered mold removal product:

MoldSTAT Barrier

  • Clean, Eliminate and Prevent the return of mold
  • Ready-To-Use 32 oz mold removal spray
  • Prevent return of mold with an antimicrobial shield
  • EPA registered to ELIMINATE and PREVENT mold

MoldSTAT Plus concentrate

  • Clean and Kill Mold
  • Concentrated 16oz dispenser
  • Makes 21 gallons of Mold Killing Spray
  • EPA registered mold and mildew killer
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Mold Killer - 42 Gallons MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer | 42 Gallon

Mold Killer - MoldSTAT +
Concentrated Mold Killer yields 42 gallons
EPA registered fungicide

Cleaner Today: $59.95
Winter Sale: $39.75
33% off - Retail & Free Shipping
MoldSTAT Barrier - One Step Mold Removal Spray MoldSTAT Barrier - Clean, Eliminate and Prevent Mold

Mold Removal and Prevention
EPA registered Mold Killer
Cleans & Kills Mold and Mildew
Prevents regrowth of mold

Cleaner Today: $24.99
Winter Sale: $16.65
12 or more: $10.99 (25% Off)
MoldSTAT Barrier - One Step Mold Removal Spray Kit: MoldSTAT Barrier

One Step - Mold Removal Spray

Available here: Mold Removal and Prevention

Cleaner Today: $24.99
Available in Kit Only
MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer | Makes 21 gallons

MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
EPA registered Mold Killing solution
Non Bleach mold remover
Makes 21 gallons

Cleaner Today: $37.85
Winter Sale: $26.50
30% off retail | $1.26 / gal
MoldSTAT Aireze Fogger Mold Fogger Aireze - Mold Odor Remover

Neutralizes Mold Odors
mold smell removal
Encapsulates Odors

Cleaner Today: $12.87
Winter Sale: $8.70
10 or more: $6.96
Mold Prevention Kit Mold Prevention Kit (45% Off)

Mold Remediation & Prevention Kit
Clean and Kill Mold - MoldSTAT Plus
MoldSTAT Barrier - Mold prevention spray
2 Aireze - Airborne Mold Odor Remover

Cleaner Today: $104.67
Winter Sale: $53.65
Free Delivery Included
4 Bottles MoldSTAT Barrier (1 sprayer) MoldSTAT Barrier Gallon - Mold Removal Spray

Mold Removal and Prevention
4 quarts / 1 Gallon
EPA registered mold remediation
Clean, Kill & control Mold and Mildew
Prevents regrowth of mold

Cleaner Today: $108.91
Winter Sale: $49.85
Free Delivery Included
Mold KIller Kit - MoldSTAT peroxy , Plus & Aireze Mold Killer Kit (45% Off)

Mold Killer / Cleaner Kit
MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling - Mold cleaner
MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
2 Aireze - Airborne Mold Odor Remover

Cleaner Today: $93.67
Winter Sale: $51.75
Free Delivery Included
Mold Killer Kit: Mold Killer Quart

Mold Remover & Cleaner
Concentrate Mold Cleaner yields 42 gallons
EPA registered mold fungicide and mildew cleaner

Cleaner Today: $58.50
Winter Sale: $39.75
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Mold Cleaning - Mold Cleaner Mold Killer MoldSTAT Plus - 1 Gal.

Mold Killer Contractor Size
4 qts , EPA registered
Makes 168 gallons
Kills mold without bleach

Cleaner Today: $158.00
Winter Sale: $98.80
Free Delivery Included

Mold Removal products for all surfaces

MoldSTAT Plus and Barrier proven mold elimination products are used by professionals to treat mold in homes and can be used for many surfaces including use as a attics, basement and crawl spaces.

How to kill mold?

Choose mold removal Products

Mold removal is made easier using Mold STAT Plus. Used correctly Mold STAT penetrates deep into the roots and kills mold.
With so many mold removal products on the market how do you choose and effective mold remover you can trust to eliminate mold and remove it from your basement, attic, crawlspace or other sensitive areas?
Looking for an EPA registered Mold Removal Product like MoldSTAT Plus is the first step for mold and mildew removal in your home once and for all using a our easy mold cleanup products.
A broad spectrum, fungicide effective against mildew and mold , Mold STAT Plus works better than bleach because it gets rid of the mold spores, and cleans up the mold odor as well.

Mold removal with a non-bleach mold removing spray like MoldSTAT Plus (EPA registered solution to eliminate mildew, mold and mold roots) can be an inexpensive solution for a do it yourself (DIY) mold and mildew removal project. Use MoldSTAT Plus for effective DIY basement mold remediation.

Mold Killer Product Review

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4.95 out of 5 stars
Best Mold Killer Spray and Concentrated!
My cinder block basement mold problem was out of control. Every summer I need to kill the black and green mold down there. In the past I would buy 4 gallons of Ready-To-Use (RTU) mold control formula from a big-box store (you can guess which one) and it cost over $100 each year.

This year I found MoldSTAT plus which is actually registered to KILL mold but best of all it is a concentrate. One small pint container can make 21 Gallons. I paid $1.36 / gallon once it was RTU. I couldn't believe how much I saved!

It works, it was easy to use, and I have enough for 3 years!