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For terminology or roof cleaning jargon consult the Roof Cleaning Dictionary.
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Roof Stain History and causes

Roof Stains are caused by algae that has been around thousands of years, but changes in shingle manufacturing are allowing it to spread. Cleaning roof shingles should be a part of routine home maintenance.

Why is cleaning roof shingles important?

Start with real savings on energy, safety from mold for your family, and ultimately to keep the Home Owner Association and your Insurance company happy.

Choosing Roof Cleaning products

Bleach.. Coverage.. Packaging.. How long for results..
Make sure you know what to look for when buying roof cleaning chemicals. 'Roof Cleaner Forever' gives a complete roof cleaning system all in a single box.

How to use Shingle Roof Cleaners

Decide on your comfort level, and the tools you'll need. What part of the roof can you get to? Can you access the roof, gutterline? How close you get will influence how quickly you get results.

Roof Cleaning Business

Find that cleaning your own roof was easy? Like working outdoors or being your own boss? Join hundreds who make have their own roof cleaning business.

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